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Easter wrappings

Churchill once described Stalin as, “A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”. That may be true, and an apt description of the man from Georgia, but what a painful bundle. Intriguing and insensitive. Charming and cruel. Virtuous and vicious. The ways of Stalin were the weave of a very complex web, and few…

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I hate remembering passwords. I wish I had just one that I could use all the time and in every digital space. Once upon a time I did, but then came the rule: ‘It must be at least so many letters long and contain so many numbers, etc’, which threw my online security into confusion….

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Soundness in slime

I noticed a track on the pavers this morning, left during the night, by a snail who either (a) had drunk too much coffee, or (b) was on his mobile phone – you know the meanderings made by people while talking, or (c) was completely lost in the dark. Unfortunately, my linguistic ability in escargotti…

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My wife and children wake up each morning to Wordle, such that it has now become part of their daily ritual. So far I’m resisting the TREND, WASTE, and SNARE. I must admit though – they’re not bad at it, with an average success rate of four attempts; though threes are not uncommon, and twos…

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Chasing rainbows

Contrary to my eye’s observations and mind’s conclusions, rainbows are actually complete circles, and not arches nor semi-circles. In other words, we can only see half of them, because the other half sits below the horizon. It’s a fun fact, but not perhaps for those who like to chase them and dream of finding pots…

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My son bowled in to my bedroom, wide-eyed and open-mouthed: “Look at this!” I’d never seen a bull ant before. He’d found it wandering near the coffee machine on the kitchen bench. It was an inch long, with a strong armoured body, and impressive sting sac. He quickly googled to discover that it belonged to…

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Graveside physics

Ears pricked up on the occasion when Einstein was called upon to deliver a eulogy at the graveside of one of his colleagues. Surely the sage of science, who had seen further than most into the realms of reality, would have something remarkable and insightful to say. “Brief is this existence, as a fleeting visit…

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The glory and the gall

Who hasn’t seen the glistening dew, lighting the fresh-cut lawn? Who hasn’t heard the birdsong trill, greeting the blush of dawn? Who hasn’t sensed the waft of the grind – the dance of the coffeed air? Who hasn’t tasted sweet lemon meringue – the curd and crusted paire? And thought: What World is this? And…

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Keeping warm

It’s lovely to see the exuberant and unbridled enthusiasm of the person who takes up a new hobby. They buy all the gear, and subscribe to all the magazines, and attend all the meetings, and infect those around them with excitement and passion, and ‘eat, sleep, and breathe’ the new love of their life. And…

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It is raining

Rain was moving in from the south, and I was sitting outside, waiting for the drops to fall. When they did, I was determined not to go inside until I felt a raindrop on my tongue. (I’m not sure what my neighbours thought of me, sitting there with my head tilted back, and mouth open.)…

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