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The Rose of Sharon

On his deathbed, the famous Citizen Kane whispered his final word: “Rosebud”. Strangely the word had not featured prominently in the story, but was full of pathos and poignancy, for it was the name of the sled given to him as a boy by his mother, presumably his last transaction with the innocence of youth…

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Pupils and pedagogies

I’ve attended many schools during my life, and all of them helpful to the gaining of wisdom, even if some of the lessons were of the painful kind. Like my first day at State School, when I was caned by the headmaster for running on the cement. Who could forget! Standing trembling in his office,…

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New Year’s Resolution

Since the start of the year, I’ve been on the road, having departed from a monastery in Greece, and now bound for Egypt, via Turkey, Syria, and Israel. Vicariously, unfortunately, through the travel diary of William Dalrymple, who himself is retracing the steps of the sixth-century pilgrim John Moschos. I’m just up to the part…

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Countdown to a New Year

For ten thousand mercies bestowed throughout this year now ended For sunshine and showers and bread upon our table For truths planted deeply and strong promises held For churches still preaching the conquering Lamb For saints protected and prodigals turned For hope for tomorrow and The presence of Christ We praise and Thank you Lord…

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Frankincense and love

O Lamb who graced the manger Please grace my heart today O Child to whom the gold was giv’n Please teach me what to pray For I am poor and lowly And know not what to bring But Thou art kind and gentle With mercies of a King O Lamb who greeted shepherds Look kindly…

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Merry Christmas

There are some very warm Christmas carols, but there are some too with words of ice. Like that one that starts off with a merry rest offered to gentlemen, but then gets down to business: “To save us all from Satan’s power when we had gone astray”. Whew! Not easy to sing with candle in…

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Putt toward the hole

My son and I had the practice green to ourselves, since there was a gale blowing, and all the sane people were nesting in the club house. I was five metres from the hole, and my first putt missed by just centimetres; but then was caught by a gust of wind, and rolled and rolled,…

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Straight shooting

When Homer’s Odysseus fired an arrow through twelve axe heads, I thought I was in the realm of fiction. To prove his identity, and to win the hand of Penelope, it was a pretty impressive feat, but surely impossible. But knock me down with an arrow-feather!…. a Danish man recently shot seven arrows through the…

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Verities and valuables

There is much celebrity surrounding that diamond, the Koh-i-Noor, that adorns one of the royal crowns of Britain. It certainly is a sparkler, and in terms of value, the most poetic valuation was expressed in this way: “If a strong man were to throw four stones – one north, one south, one east, one west,…

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Twos and threes

I met a married couple at a mission dinner recently who had a brilliant way of supporting missionary causes. He introduced himself as an investor, and she as a seeker-out and spender; with a strategy to both use their gifts and insights to bring a double blessing. What a dynamic duo, and certainly better than…

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