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Axles and chariots

My poor lawn’s looking like it’s just been to a bad barber. An axle-clip, unbeknownst to me, had dislodged, significantly reducing the cutting height of the mower, and produced an unfortunate strip of ‘short back and sides’ before it was detected. Replacing it of course, was one of those ‘one minute jobs that costs four bleeding knuckles and takes three hours’. But eventually there was submission and success, and a moment of pride in telling my wife about her mechanically-gifted husband.

It made me realize that the Egyptians were indeed in serious trouble in the middle of the Red Sea, when the axles on their chariots started coming loose. Says the record, that God ‘removed the wheels of their chariots so that they had difficulty driving.’ The divine hand probably dislodged the axle-clips or cotter pins, and now knowing how hard it is to replace them, the only submission was going to be theirs, and the only success was going to be God’s.

It must have been a very dramatic scene. Horses and chariots in full flight and deadly pursuit. Great war machines, carefully engineered to sustain the demanding rigors of military engagement, now faltering and coming to grief. Experienced and battle-hardened charioteers, crying out in anguish and defeat: “Let’s get away ….the Lord is fighting for them.” But such was their predicament and destiny, that they ended up being mown down by the waves – leaving chariots on the seabed, and soldiers on the shore.

DM 10th September 2022


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