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Who is Sam Tsirhc?

Sam Tsirhc is one backwards guy, famous throughout the world for supernaturally transporting himself to heaven on a mission of cheering up the deity.

It is a well-known fact that God is angry with us, not that anyone really knows why, and this world is often on the receiving end of his wrath and judgement. Earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and fire, not to mention cancer and car accidents.

But good old Sam. He did it. He went to heaven. Took up a position near the throne of God, and washed the feet of Heaven; then dried them lovingly in the folds of his robe. And while the deity was lulled to sleep, Sam returned to earth a hero, and resumed his mortal nature.

How he did the transformation is still a great mystery, and to be frank, a bit beyond our comprehension. Flesh becoming deity. Man becoming god. But somehow he did. There were reports in some circles of an angelic maid being involved, but I can’t say that for certain. And I’m not even sure if that would explain the wonder anyway.

But how he soothed the mind of God, and made peace between earth and heaven, is still one of the great stories that is told in every age. From the pinnacle of Babel’s Tower, to the Enlightenment, and even down to our time.

Good old Sam Tsirhc. It’s right and proper to remember him every Christmas. For his is precisely the sin that we are saved from.

DM 24th December 2014


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