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Some numbers in mathematics are wonderfully unique, and twenty-six is one of them. The only positive integer that is sandwiched between a square and a cube; namely five-squared (25) and three-cubed (27). Why is it, that out of the all the sequential numbers that exist in the infinite world of integers, there are no others that have their square and cube chaperones?

In theology, there is a wonderful example of uniqueness, where something exists between the two boundaries of justice and grace. The square of justice in this case requires that all personal sins be punished. The cube of grace requires that all personal sins be pardoned. And like twenty-six, there is only one thing that sits perfectly between the square and the cube. In truth, it is not a thing, but a person and an event. Jesus Christ and his Cross. Where the sins of sinners were punished with a justice that was squared off perfectly. And where the sins of sinners were pardoned with a grace that was cubed with length and breadth and height.

One may look in vain for another number apart from twenty-six to sit between a square and cube, and one may perform a similar search in the realm of theology. One can crunch the numbers, but there is only one solution. And all who find him will solve the equation of life.

DM 5th February 2015


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