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The Hurstville Sower

Hopefully it will make us to be a more missionary church. The Sower window was removed recently for repair. The poor man in the picture has been limping for many years with a broken leg. Who knows how it happened. Perhaps a stone thrown up by passing traffic. Perhaps a bird in flight that thought the seed in the picture was real. Or perhaps some tree branch sent flying and colliding during one of our summer storms. Whatever the case, the man’s gait will soon be straightened, and his painful limp will be no more.

What shall be said, but that O may there be an equivalence in our church. May our legs be whole and strong and moving forward and with urgency. And may the seed in our bag be pure and not mixed with chaff or worldly wisdom. And may our scattering arm and action, like the man in Jesus’ parable, be generous and wide-ranging.

The Sower window was installed in the church in 1955. I don’t know how many have been motivated by its homely sermon. But I for one have found encouragement in the man’s face, fixed and focussed; and in the man’s red cape flying as proof of forward motion; and in the man’s shoulder bag, large enough to carry enough seed to sow a city. And may his good example continue to move and motivate, such that many will say of us: How beautiful are the feet of those who preach Good News.

DM 3rd May 2021


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