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The brake pedal grommet

Ever heard of a brake pedal grommet? Neither had I until I found that my brake lights would not turn off, even after I had turned off the engine and removed the ignition key. Apparently a little piece of plastic, costing about thirty cents, sits on the back of the brake pedal, and turns the brake lights on and off when the pedal is depressed and released. But when it fatigues, it just falls off, leaving nothing to do its vital job, and leaving the hapless victim stranded in an underground car-park at night, without a mobile phone, and with the car battery slowly draining.

O the importance of the little things! The Book in one place you remember laments the ‘little foxes’ that ruin the vineyards (Song of Songs 2:15), and the ‘dead flies’ that spoil the perfume (Ecclesiastes 10:1). And to such cautionary metaphors I shall now add the ‘little brake grommet’ that spoils the journey and stresses the driver.

It’s frequently the way, that the little things can bring the big things undone. The little exaggerations in speech. The little imbalances in personal accounting. The little glances at those ‘social pages’. The little resentments toward others. All which spoil the heart, and taint the mind. But it’s also true that the little gestures of good-will, the little expressions of politeness, the little sacrifices, etc, can make a difference, and keep the flies out of the perfume. Wasn’t Mary’s ‘little sitting’ at Jesus’ feet, a preparation for her more noble sacrifice, of using her pint of pure nard to prepare him for his?

DM 25th February 2014


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