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Seek and you will find

Graphic designers can be clever people. The person who constructed the logo for Le Tour de France evidently enjoyed hiding a bicycle-rider in the design. And the GD who drew the work for the Sydney Roosters Rugby League Club no doubt took pleasure in hiding the Sydney Opera House in the rooster’s crest.

The Good Book tells us that the greatest GD chose to hide something special in one of the greatest Logos that he ever unveiled upon the face of this earth. Writes the apostle Paul to the church in Colossae, that God chose to hide all his wisdom and knowledge in Christ (Colossians 2:3).

It means that to have Christ is to have precious riches, but to ignore him is to have precious little. It means that if we want life, we have to look in the most unlikely place. A death, a gruesome and shocking death in the form of a crucifixion. It means that if we want significance, we have to look to the Man who was despised and rejected. And that if we want joy, we have to look in the direction of the Man of many sorrows.

That must have given God pleasure, to hide his treasure from the grasping hands of human pride, and to reveal it to little babes, for said Jesus, such was (and continues to be) the purpose and pleasure of God, to give much grace to the humble.

DM 25th June 2014


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