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Photodiodes and ‘Phaith

My son invited me to critique his technology assignment, part of which was to identify four different kinds of diodes. One of his more interesting choices was the photodiode, a device that captures and converts light into either amps or ohms, and of which the traditional solar cell is an easily identified application. He had done a good job of his work, and my mind was left to ponder some application to mine.

It wasn’t hard to connect a wire from his project to an application of the Christian Faith, and the photodiode readily presented itself as an appropriate metaphor for both the Christian Church and the Christian Believer. Nor was it hard to then solder the wire to a suitable text. That Old Testament passage from the prophet Zechariah (chapter 4) sprung to mind, describing the golden lampstand fuelled by golden oil from two olive trees, – a picture of the church in its light-bearing role, and with the encouragement of an inexhaustible supply.

Seems like if we keep our eyes on the Son, and seek to capture and convert his energy, then the wattage that we need for ministry and service will not be denied. Even when it’s night, the Son still shines! I guess it’s only when we get our heads in the way, and try to draw strength from our own reflection, that we end up short-circuiting the whole arrangement, and quenching his Spirit. God help us to pull our heads in, and to lift our faith out, so that light might shine, and our Father in heaven praised.

DM, 7th May 2013


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