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O come let us adore Him

‘Adore’ is a very strong word. It means more than to simply acknowledge. And more than to just appreciate. More than to approve. And more than to admire.

I looked up the Book to see where it appears, and was surprised to find only one reference: In the first chapter of the Song of Songs, which is an Old Testament book near the Psalms, and essentially a love song between a bride and her bridegroom. In the fourth verse, the bride speaks about the bridegroom on behalf of all her attendants: “How right they are to adore you”. Wow! Her husband must have been quite a sort, and the bride must have been quite secure in her love to say such a thing.

Some of the church fathers have always insisted that the Song of Songs is ultimately a book which describes the relationship between Christ and the church. And I shall not argue with them. The words of the book are very suitable, and especially in this Christmas season, as the church expresses her love for the Bridegroom: How right they are to adore You!

How right indeed to not simply acknowledge Christ as some great teacher. Or to appreciate him as some articulate poet. Or to admire him as some powerful example of kindness and love. But to adore him for who he is: the One whose first name means salvation, and whose last name means Messiah and King.

DM 13th December 2016


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