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Not just the royal wave

I remember during one of the Queen’s visits to Australia, that I actually saw her royal person drive by in her special royal car, and that she waved….. at me! Well, I think it was me that she waved to, but I can’t say exactly for sure. (That’s actually the extent of my brush with royalty. My son did write a letter to her when he was at primary school, and received back a letter of acknowledgement from her lady-in-waiting, so I guess that adds a second stroke of the brush.)

I sometimes wonder if that’s how it will be in heaven, regarding our contact with Jesus. Will we just see him fleetingly and receive the royal wave as we line the streets of gold? But then I read verses like this one in the Book, where Jesus gives a promise to those who follow him: “I will give him a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it.”

What does that mean? Everything in that Book of Revelation (2:17) is hard to understand, but the verse at least suggests that there will be an intimacy in heaven between Jesus and each individual who has loved and followed him. Not just the royal wave at a distance, and not just a white stone given to all by “general issue”, but a special bond between Jesus and each believer, and known only to them.

DM 11th June 2019


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