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Hiding in the Manger

I had to smile this week when I read the story of a man in England who crashed his Mini Cooper, and then tried to evade police by hiding in a nativity scene. The driver allegedly had imbibed too much Christmas cheer, and fled the crash site, only to be found by the local constable hiding among the bales of hay. Some wags on Twitter responded with the comments, “Perhaps he should be charged with mangerous driving”, and “Obviously not one of the wise men.”

Mangerous driving, perhaps. But unwise? If only he knew just how wise he really was, to flee the law by hiding in the manger. What that man did in ignorance, we all should do with clarity and earnestness. And what that man did while under the influence, we all should do with the help of heaven’s power. For where else can we law-breakers run to for relief and refuge? None of us are perfect and free from fault. None of us even come close. And the law is correct in its accusations, and relentless in its pursuit.

But there is a place to which we might run, that is safe from the law and sanctioned by God and made for that very purpose. A place where handcuffs cannot lock and the law cannot accuse. Not because, there is not a crime to be dealt with, but because the crime has been dealt with. And if per chance you have not yet found it, then follow the wise man and hide in the manger.

DM 16th December 2015


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