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Flawed but not shredded

There are some red faces at the moment at the Australian Mint, for not spell-checking the new $50 note before going to print. I’m not sure who has taken personal responsibilty. Ooops. There it is. The offending word. Responsibility sans an ‘i’ three places from the end. And yet, according to the Mint, the note will not be recalled (all 46 million of them), and will still hold its stated value, even though it is flawed.

There’s a grace note and word of encouragement for us. For we are very flawed people, with all sorts of mistakes in our “lve and logc” and in our “miind, hart, and soull”. And yet we still matter to God and are not without worth. More amazingly, instead of being recalled, shredded and reprinted, God has a greater plan called redemption, by which he can cover our errors and mistakes, and for which he takes responsibility.

As for not being recalled and shredded, God said to Noah after the flood had subsided: “Never again will I curse the ground because of man, even though every inclination of his heart is evil from childhood.” In other words, even though we are flawed, God has decided not to recall and shred us. As for his greater plan of redemption, God said that a descendant of Noah would come to give us rest, and that that One would take full responsibility (with perfect spelling) for covering over all our mistakes.

DM 28th May 2019


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