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Design Gift?

Why is it that the honey-bee must die in order to protect the hive? This aerodynamic marvel that can flap its wings 200 times per second. This social creature that makes facebook dynamics look like an old telephone book. This food bowl that turns a piece of humble bread into a veritable feast. Why this, that its abdomen fatally detaches when it delivers its sting and pulls away?

Could it be some fault on the part of its Maker? Could it be that this unfortunate fault was overlooked when it came for its turn to be crafted on the divine drawing board? Or could it possibly be, that it is not some design fault, but rather some design gift, a privilege and endowment given by its Maker to reflect one of his most prized qualities: not power, nor wisdom, nor goodness, but sacrificial love?

When the King of bees and men took flesh and dwelt among us, he said to his Father, “A body you prepared for me. I have come to do your will, O God.” A body prepared for what? To die. A body ordained for sacrifice to protect his loved ones from wrath and judgement. A body prepared to receive the sting of nails and the thrust of a spear. A body prepared to reveal sacrificial love and willing to achieve the Maker’s purpose.

O humble bee, what privilege thy Maker hath given unto thee.

DM 20th October 2015



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