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Year of the Ox

I must admit that I had to look up the exact definition of an ox, with the results as follows: Any type of cattle over four years of age, usually a castrated male, that is trained for work. How interesting that one species can be raised for different purposes: one for milk, another for meat, and still another for work. Perhaps the Year of the Ox recognizes and celebrates all of the above, but whichever the case, the animal is a wonderful gift from the God who made it.

How privileged then the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve to look after them, and to be enriched by their worthy contribution. But how impoverishing to reverse the order and to place ourselves under them, and even to worship them, like the Israelites did for many years in their history – Aaron the Priest who made one of gold, and a certain king who declared: “Israel, behold your gods.”

How gracious then of God, who once came to His creation, in such humble estate, to work redemption and to begin to set things to right, and whose story is told in that simple carol: “Ox and ass before Him bow, for He is in the manger now…. He has opened heaven’s door, and man is blessed for evermore…. Come at His most gracious call, to find salvation, one and all! Christ was born to save. Christ was born to save!”

DM 7th February 2021


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