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My wife and children wake up each morning to Wordle, such that it has now become part of their daily ritual. So far I’m resisting the TREND, WASTE, and SNARE. I must admit though – they’re not bad at it, with an average success rate of four attempts; though threes are not uncommon, and twos are not unheard of, but fives are rarely disclosed to the other members of the family for fear of SHAME.

I wonder who gets to launch the word for the day. I wonder what their selection process is, and what goes through their mind. And whether they alternate between CRUEL and CREAM. Whatever the case, they don’t hold the original patent. The ultimate launcher of the Word was in the beginning. And He launched not merely a word for the day, but the Word for all eternity. And a Someone, not a something. And a Who, not a what.  And not an animal, vegetable or mineral, but a person to be known and loved.

Who is this Word? If your first guess is JASPER, you’re really not good at this game, are you? If your second guess is JULES, well done. You’ve picked up a green for the J, and one for the S, and yellows for the U and the E. With the limited options from this point, I think you’re a good chance of solving the puzzle in three. (And if we conveniently forget the first clanger, I’ll score it for you as a two.)

DM 29th March 2022


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