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Tribute to a humble fruit

Some months ago I bottled several kilos of olives, and now they are ready for consumption. And what can I say? What words are sufficient? ‘Delectable’ might not be the exact word to describe something bitter, but it would not be incorrect. ‘Sublime’ might be too extravagant to describe a humble fruit, but it would not be unsuitable. If only my family would taste and see! One whole bottle now heroically consumed and retained, stands as proof of their safety. One brightened face now stands testimony to their goodness and worthy reception. And now…. only twelve more bottles to go!

What a giving fruit is the olive. The Book records many of its worthy donations. Crushed to give fuel for the lights of the temple. Extracted to anoint the heads of kings and priests. Pressed to apply balm to the weary face of sheep. Squeezed to soothe and heal the wounds of a bruised traveller. Pressed to offer a warm welcome to visitors and guests.

And what a privileged fruit is the olive. The Book describes many things that happened on the Mount of that name. Hearers of the familiar conversation between Jesus and his apostles when they were in Jerusalem. Witnesses to that holy prayer that was offered in Gethsemane – an Aramaic word which means olive press. Watchers to a miraculous healing that transpired during Jesus’ arrest. And witnesses to that great missionary command and promise of the Spirit and glorious ascension.

DM 28th July 2022


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