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The watermark of heaven

I knew what he was doing. He was looking for a watermark. The Post Officer held up my daughter’s birth certificate to the light to assess its authenticity. It’s funny really. A stronger proof was standing right before him. Her father! I was there at her birth, and could attest to the spelling of her name, and the city in which she was born, and name of her mother, and even details about the severing of her umbilical cord. But he was looking for a watermark.

One of the perennial questions asked often of Christians, is the one about the authenticity of their Book, the Bible. It’s an incredibly important question, for Christians pin their hope on the Book, such that if it is wrong, then so are they. But how can they prove that it is true? The Father of course is present and could vouch for its every word. And Christians themselves could attest to its truth and goodness. But neither “proofs” ever seem sufficient to convince our friends.

F B Meyer once said something that I have found helpful in this regard. He said: “The best way to vindicate the Bible is to preach it. Each book contains within itself, sometimes in hidden form, the autograph of the Holy Spirit. Every page has the watermark of Heaven.” That’s good advice for preachers, and good advice too for those who are looking for proof. Read it. The Book comes with its own proof, which truly reveals itself to those who truly look.

DM 30th October 2018


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