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The Light of the World

How many Presbyterians does it take to change a light bulb? One with a mate in the building industry who has the right size Allen key to open the casing. One with a degree in engineering who knows (a) which way to turn the Allen key, and (b) how the Allen key actually releases the lock mechanism. One with experience in criminology to assist the engineer at this second step. One with Houdini-like abilities to get the bulb out of the socket. One with a car to drive to Bunnings to purchase the replacement. One with good internet search skills to globally locate the only bulb that Bunnings doesn’t have on its shelves. One with connections in Switzerland who can negotiate with an optical laboratory. And one with postal abilities who can actually spell the word Australia.

Fair dinkum! Why is a five minute job so hard!

How many Saviours does it take to save a wretched stubborn rotten sinner? Just One. Just one to unlock the sinner’s heart and cope with what’s inside. Just one who can release the mess and overcome the darkness. Just one who can work with joy and fill the space with light. And He’s good at it too. He’s been doing it for years. Every time with success. And every day without fail. And always for any and every sinner who calls upon his Name. Perhaps that’s why they call Him the Light of the World.

DM 16th January 2014


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