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The King’s Gambit

A gambit is simply an act of sacrifice, but of a strategic nature, in order to gain some advantage. The word has come to prominence with the popularity of a miniseries whose characters inhabit the world of chess. ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ is a classic move in chess openings; and one supposes that the lead actress, at some stage in the miniseries, will make such a move, or be involved in such a move, as to secure either her or someone involved with her, some distinct advantage.

The Book has many examples of gambits. There is the time where the Israelite bishops and pawns were led to a deadly impasse beside the Red Sea, with the Egyptian forces pressing an attack, only to result in the Egyptians losing all their knights. There is the Job story, where the reputation and health and estate of that pawn are sacrificed, but with the result that the King of heaven is praised, and the pawn is promoted and honoured.

But for the ultimate gambit, one only has to look at the moment when the Divine Hand moved His Pawn to C-alvary. And there allowed it to be captured. And even taken off the board. And even put back in the box. And even locked inside the box. But what a play! And what advantage was gained. And not just for the glory of the Heavenly Hand, but for many who once played on the other side of the board.

DM 8th March 2021


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