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The glory and the gall

Who hasn’t seen the glistening dew, lighting the fresh-cut lawn?
Who hasn’t heard the birdsong trill, greeting the blush of dawn?
Who hasn’t sensed the waft of the grind - the dance of the coffeed air?
Who hasn’t tasted sweet lemon meringue – the curd and crusted paire?
And thought: What World is this? And Who am I?

Who hasn’t seen the bloodied shirt, staining the war-torn road?
Who hasn’t heard the sickening shell, posting its deadly load?
Who hasn’t sensed the reek of death - the slick of the shallow grave?
Who hasn’t tasted fear and disgust – and good-hope taken slave?
And thought: What World is this? And Who am I?

What’s to explain this bitter sweet?
And who’s to explain it all?
Where can be found the truth to tell
The glory and the gall?

Who hasn’t seen the purest Lamb, rising from manger and Dove?
Who hasn’t heard the Nazarene, expounding His Book of love?
Who hasn’t sensed the Light raised high - bearing the sins of the world?
Who hasn’t tasted the salve of grace - and liberty unfurled?
And thought: How loved this World! And how loved am I!

DM 4th March 2022

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