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The Dignified. So Efficient!

No devotee of The Crown will forget the episode where the young Princess Elizabeth is being schooled in the ways of the Constitution. Her Etonian tutor distinguishes between the Crown and the Government, and in that memorable moment, speaks of the two parties to the Constitution as “the Dignified and the Efficient”. Not meaning of course that the Monarchy is never efficient, or that the government is never dignified, but simply that each Party has a different role, and that both must work together in an atmosphere of trust for good governance to happen.

Of course such governance is compromised when Monarchs are not dignified, and governments are not efficient, and where mistrust muddies the space between them. And history is only too full of examples of misstep and misrule and of disrespect and discontent.

How brilliant then to look above, and to see both the Dignified and the Efficient in perfect character and harmony. The Dignified, so worthy of respect and worship. And the Efficient? ‘The Word became flesh and dwelt among us’ to undertake the business of redemption. And the efficiency of the Efficient? Not one sin was unaccounted for in its transit from our stained hearts to His strong sin-bearing shoulders. Not one ounce of grace went missing in its delivery from a holy God to a sorry and contrite heart. Not one fault was found in the handling of Calvary, and not one flaw in the governance of salvation. And O how happy and glorious.

DM 10th March 2020


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