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The Bible Remote

I had reason to replace the DVD player yesterday, but was dismayed to discover that the remote was made by leprechauns for their infant children. I had to throw the silly thing to my daughter just to pause the movie that we were watching. Why can’t remotes be designed for real human beings?!

It made me think though that some might come to the Bible with the same frustration. ‘Sixty-six buttons!… and which one to press just to negotiate the story of the Christian Faith?!’ And so perhaps a guide might help:

Like the power button of creation (green), which is the Bible’s opening verse. And the mute button of sin (grey), where humanity turned off the voice of God. Then the play button of grace (red), where Jesus gave his life to pay the debt for our sin. And the pause button of faith (yellow), where we linger at the sight of the Cross and turn from our sins and give our heart to God. And finally the stop button of judgement (white), where all of humanity will be assembled before the throne, there to either engage the next chapter button of eternal life (blue), or the eject button of eternal punishment (purple).

Of course there are many other buttons on the Bible remote which operate many other interesting features, but the main buttons are easy to see, for they are not made for leprechauns, but for real people, whom their Maker really loves.

DM 17th April 2018


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