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Rubik’s rubric

Mr. Rubik has a lot to answer for. He has taken over our house, and over every minute of my children’s waking hours. The word ‘algorithm’ is now as common as ‘please’ and ‘thankyou’. The sound of click-clack as the machine twists and turns is as familiar as the constant hum of the passing traffic. O for the day when the consuming cube will take its place at the bottom of the toy chest.

I admit that I had to look up the answer in order to solve the puzzle and return the colours to their rightful faces and places. But was so surprised to find the gospel in the solution. I only had to get to the cross, was the promise, and I would be nearly home. I knew that was good advice, and that if one could just get to the cross, the algorithm of R (repentance) and F (faith) would most certainly bring our lives into alignment with the will of God.

One day, all the jumbled squares will be put in their right place – our hearts perfected, our bodies resurrected and changed, and our world made new. Some of the whiz-kids can solve the cube in under six seconds. But God can do it, and will do it, in the twinkling of an eye, banishing the chaos and disorder forever, and beginning an age, not of solution, but of adoration for the God who has done all things well.

DM 22nd April 2014


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