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Proofing the bread

I had to read the sentence twice: “In bread baking terms, proofing or proving means to allow the bread dough to rise. The proof refers to the fermentation action of the yeast causing the dough to rise and create an airy texture. In most basic yeast bread recipes, the dough is allowed to proof twice.” Huh? What does that mean? A long explanation followed, which I tried to follow, but my eyes glazed over, which tends to happens when I encounter all such things to do with cooking.

But that expression – ‘proofing the bread’ – caused my ears to rise! I’d not heard it before, and it sounded fascinating, particularly to one who thinks much about the Living Bread and the proof of His rising. It called to mind the punching down, kneading and folding, as rough hands beat Him with fists and said: “Prophecy! Who hit you?” And then the resting stage, when His body lay quietly in the grave. And then the miraculous rising stage.

Seated at the table at the Hotel Emmaus on that Resurrection afternoon, Jesus took bread and broke it and gave it to Cleopas and to his travelling companion. Then their eyes were opened and they recognized Him and believed. And in like manner, during the next forty days, Jesus’ most-trusted disciples received many clear and convincing proofs, such that only one conclusion could be reached: Jesus was indeed risen from the dead. And that sounds like “proofing the Bread” to me!

DM 4th September 2021


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