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Home of the brave

One of my church ladies recently rescued her dog from the jaws of a monster. Her little mutt was being shaken to death by a huge dog, so she stepped in, forced open the ogre’s mouth, picked up her dog, tucked it close to her heart, and kept it safe until the canine-menace was called off by neighbours. She then took her poor creature to the vet to receive 76 stitches.

David describes in the prelude to his encounter with Goliath, that he had often, as a shepherd boy, rescued his lambs from the mouth of a lion. “I went after it, struck it and rescued the sheep from its mouth. When it turned on me, I seized it by its hair, struck it and killed it.” Brave boy! And brave young man who would later run to the battle line with sling and stone to meet a giant.

But there is one braver yet. David’s Son. Psalm 23 describes him as the Shepherd who carries his rod and staff, and Isaiah as one who carries his lambs close to his heart. The Gospels describe him as one who would lay down his life for his sheep, and the Psalms as one who binds up their wounds. Acts describes him as one who still protects his flock from heaven, and Revelation as one who will bring them safely to drink from the river. And blessed is he who can say of him: “The Lord! My Shepherd.”

DM 23rd October 2021


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