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One of the rites of passage in the aging process, is to commence on a course of mild blood thinners. Apparently all persons over the age of fifty ought to enjoy these medicinal sweets every day, to keep their circulation in good working order. I have no objection, but I do feel for the next mosquito that will sink its proboscis into my skin. Gusher! Ha! It won’t know what’s hit it. Perhaps the experience will be like the time, when as a boy, I made the mistake of laughing while trying to drink a mouthful of sarsaparilla.

I never tire of reading in the Scriptures about the generosity of divine grace. Gusher! Lavish! Grace upon grace! Superabundance! “For of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace,” says John the Evangelist in his fourth Gospel. And Paul in his epistles often seems lost to find big enough words to describe the vastness and richness and excellence of heaven’s blessings.

How generous is God, and how generous His Son, who once multiplied five loaves and two fish to satisfy the hunger of a huge crowd. And who miraculously changed hundreds of litres of water into fine quality wine in order for a wedding party to continue its celebrations. And who gave His blood for the salvation of the world. Gusher par excellence! Such a generous heart and such generous grace, and may we have its joy coursing through our heart and head and soul.

DM 9th February 2022


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