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Goodnight Giraffe!

I was watching a giraffe the other day at the barbers. Normally they have the footy on the TV to relieve the waiting, but this time it was a nature program about those long-necked animals from Africa. It was quite fascinating too. First marvelling at its camouflage, they noted its impressive speed, then moved onto a dissection of the heart of a deceased specimen, then the wonder of a live birth. At which point the viewer was informed that the infant giraffe needs to quickly find its legs, before a hungry lion turns up. And as if on cue, a hungry lion turned up. And the mother reluctantly moved away, and left the frightened and bewildered infant to its fate, and all the men on the barber’s bench to the need for counselling as well as a haircut. I hate those programs.

But I love the power of the One who watches over the souls of his people. How dangerous is the foe who picks up the scent of new Christians, and how great his appetite and menacing his presence. But though he draws near for the kill, the One who gave his life for them will not move away. And though their legs are still wobbly, the Feet that once were nailed now stand their ground with punishing power. “Jesus Christ keeps him safe, and the evil one cannot harm him,” says the Book (1 John 5:18). The lion may well look upon our weakness with distain, but the Stronger One looks upon his little ones with pity, and will protect them with a parent’s fierce love.

DM 21st May 2013


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