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Going Viral

Is Covid-19 the first virus to go viral? It probably doesn’t have that dubious honour, but it’s certainly making a global impact. Alighting on most lands and burrowing its way into lives and lungs, and leaving in its wake anatomic and economic collapse. But what is it? A god? It is but a creature, and can therefore do no more than the Sovereign God permits. And therefore we may say:

Some imps, from below, who once gloated
Of a weapon unveiled they called Covid.
“It rules every race,
Every land, every place!”
But a cry from above said, “Misquoted!”

For the Lord, high above, said, “There’s none
Like the Man I’ve unveiled called the Son.
“He rules every race,
Every land, every place!”
And those, who are blessed, know that One.

So none, should now be backsliding
To worry and doubt and deriding.
“Christ rules every race!
Every land, every place!”
And this is the time for abiding.

Keep your chin up. The Lord’s still enthroned. And “blessed are all who take refuge in Him” (Psalm 2).

DM 23rd March 2020


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