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Four word stories

Seems the present rage. Stories in four words. Found a few beauties. Like this on love: ‘Will you marry me?’ And this sad one: ‘For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.’ Though that’s six words. (Is an apostrophe cheating?) And this on apathy: ‘Been there. Done that.’ And this scary one: ‘Donald Trump is President.’

But nothing like this. The greatest love story. The most marvellous grace. Incredible kindness on show. A gift from above. Real hope for mankind. Blessing for the present. Promise for the future. A truly historic moment. I’m talking about this: HE GAVE HIS SON.

Now that’s true love. Real hope as well. Forgiveness, salvation, adoption, peace. Being right with God. Being rescued from sin. Taking a new direction. Travelling a different road. Heading home to heaven. And all because of?


Oops, that’s one word. (But so wonderfully enough!)

DM 20th Sep 2016

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