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Finders Keepers

There were two rules when I was growing up to apply the spoils of discovered treasure. ‘Finders keepers, losers weepers’, and ‘Share, share, share alike.’ The first rang with fairness and personal glory, but tended to create envy. The second rang with fairness and graciousness, and was always warmly received and widely appreciated. But of the two, the second was the rarer choice made by the finder of the treasure.

The second rule actually comes from the Book in the story of one of David’s battles against the Philistines. When the fighting party returned with the spoils of war to those who looked after the supplies, some wanted to apply the ‘finders keepers’ rule to the treasure, but David imposed the rule: “All will share alike”. His, no doubt, was a rare voice on that day, but there were many who were grateful for this man after God’s own heart.

There is something about generosity that is very attractive. It cuts across the grain of self-advancement and thinks of the welfare of others, and in the process, nips envy in the bud and grants comfort to all. The only “loser” is the one who gives up the right to claim it all. But that of course is the heart and spirit of the Author of the rule, for He gave up His right to all, to share His treasure with all. And the only weepers are those who continue to refuse to take a share.

DM 24th July 2021


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