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Control Alt Defeat

Those clever boys from Geeks2U worked their magic on the church computer last week. It took the technician all of ten seconds to diagnose the problem. Someone had inadvertently loaded three antivirus programs onto the poor machine. The programs were trying to kill each other and were paralysing the system. As soon as the technician mentioned it, it became obvious, and I was surprised that I hadn’t seen it. Funny how you can be blind to something that is so clear to others.

It made me think of the fellow, blind from birth, whom Jesus healed. Suddenly the man could see, and more than just physical things. He could see into the heart of the religious institution of the day, and perceive what was going on. The antivirus guardians were working overtime to keep the institution pure, but were actually paralysing it and frustrating its users. And when the healed man pointed out the situation, they were furious with him and had him excommunicated.

Of course what the man could see so clearly, was that the institution couldn’t recognise its own Institutor. God’s Saviour had come into the world, the very hope of the institution, but the guardians were opposing him with programs that were poorly coded and poorly installed. Pity. For what happened to them, was what happened to the programs on the church computer. They were unloaded. Jesus took a whip to the system and chased them out.

DM 27th June 2017


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