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Chasing rainbows

Contrary to my eye’s observations and mind’s conclusions, rainbows are actually complete circles, and not arches nor semi-circles. In other words, we can only see half of them, because the other half sits below the horizon. It’s a fun fact, but not perhaps for those who like to chase them and dream of finding pots of gold.

Contrary to the observations and inferences of many who suppose that Jesus was just a carpenter, there is more to Him than just the half that many are often told about. Most religions of the world view Him as a great human teacher, and even a poet and sage, and rank Him highly among those who have wrestled with the great existential questions of life. But that is only half the story. The other half lies below the horizon – though for those who had eyes to see, He revealed His glory in a thousand ways during His days on earth.

Jetting high above the earth will bring the proof to those who doubt that rainbows are round. But where to go to be convinced that Jesus is more than a carpenter? To the Word, and with the help of the Spirit, the view will become clear. And then spectacular. And then nothing short of something that has changed one’s life forever. And then this view: “Before me was a throne in heaven,” says John the Evangelist, “with Someone sitting on it… A rainbow that shone like an emerald encircled the throne….”

DM 26th March 2022


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