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Captain Pride

Did you know that those red and green navigational markers in the river are there for a purpose? (When travelling upstream, you’re supposed to keep to the right of the red markers and to the left of the green ones.) But the river was wide, and there was plenty of room, and the red markers were way out to the right. Too far right in my humble opinion. I thought a more direct path would be more efficient, and seeing that I was the skipper at the time….

It was low tide, and you would think by looking at the river, that it was comfortably deep. How could there be sand just a few feet below the surface of the water? And in the middle of a sizable river? But then the strange thud….. and the throttle sounding like it was being throttled….. and the tiller arm not as smooth as it had been. And would you believe it, we had hit sand.

I dare say that one’s approach to moral decision-making works a lot like navigating a river. Moral markers have long existed in this world, and were pegged deeply by the ancients, and given by the God who made the rivers. Each generation seems to find them inconveniently positioned and somewhat antiquated. But they have their purpose. And it pays to align one’s own moral compass with them, and to sail one’s boat with regard for them, and to be grateful that the reefs and channels have been marked at all.

DM 25th June 2022


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