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A time to laugh

There is a time to weep and a time to laugh, and both times came to pass in watching the film ‘Florence Foster Jenkins’. The poor lady thought that she could sing, and to be sure, she did sing, at Carnegie Hall no less, but whether she should have, was very debatable. I wept as the poor soul was exposed to public ridicule by a husband who lacked integrity. But I couldn’t help but laugh along with all the others who saw that the sight was plainly ridiculous. Someone trying to be something that they’re not.

The second Psalm speaks of the times that God in heaven laughs. At what? At people who play the game of being gods, and who strut across this world with their nose in the air and pride in their pocket. The sight is plainly ridiculous. Creatures pretending to be gods. Jars of clay, pretending to have angel wings. The true angels must look on and weep and wish that someone would restrain the madness and save them from their folly.

Astonishingly, that salvation comes from the same God who laughs. That same second Psalm explains that the madness of the human race can be overcome by drawing near to God’s Son. All who do, it says, are wise, and have their true voice restored, and receive the gift of living in a way that does not cause grief to the ears of angels, nor to the heart of God.

DM 1st June 2016


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