Winter Camp is 3 days for Youth from all across NSW to gather together and learn about Jesus in community with one another – and have a great time doing it!

Years 5-6

The team from Quiz Worx, including Clarence the mongoose and Scruff the Dog (much loved friends of PYNSW) will be exploring the greatest and most amazing rescue story ever! This story is the true story of God’s amazing rescue plan, straight from the Bible. We will see that we are the ones who desperately need to be rescued. Then we’ll watch as God’s amazing rescue story unfolds through fun, creative and interactive talks. Come along and find out about God’s amazing rescue plan for you!

Quiz Worx is a creative children’s ministry group, based in Sydney, which seeks to share Jesus with kids everywhere.

Years 7-10

Life seems to be about pleasure, fun and happiness and as much of that as possible! However, when things are hard, when we have to work, when we are oppressed for what we believe, if we suffer…we often crumble. By reading Philippians with Andy Stevenson, we’ll see that Jesus is real, he was the only perfect human, yet he suffered for us. Suffering in our lives for believing and trusting in him is hard, but it can be a joy. When we think about what he’s done for us and the eternal life that is offered in and through him, Jesus is worth it!

Andy loves sharing life and Jesus with young people and being active with his wife, Kim and 2 sons. He is a scripture and youth conferences board member. Andy is mad about sport: cricket, hockey, and all the footy codes.

Year 11+

When we look around at the world, at the church, and even at our own lives, it is easy to give up in despair. There is failure, frustration and futility everywhere. Even the best things in life are shot through with difficulty! But Jesus’ resurrection from the dead gives us hope – real, substantial hope – hope for the world, hope for our own lives, hope of salvation.

Murray is involved in training the next generation of leaders for God’s church at Christ College, Sydney. He is also part of the leadership team at the newly planted Hornsby Presbyterian Church. Murray is married to Lynette and they have five young children.


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