Truth & Action cannot be separated

John McClean feat. Jericho Rd

Truth and action have to be connected. Knowing the truth, but not acting on it is hypocrisy; action without a basis is directionless. Jesus puts the two of them together. He wants followers who hear his words and put them into practice. The talks will explore some of the big truths about God, the world, people and salvation and see how these truths create a way to live. Society offers a confusing mix of ideas and a huge variety of lifestyles. God gives us the true picture of the world and teaches us how to live from that. We’ll look at how God’s truth applies to some of the big issues in society like sexuality, the environment and the poor; and also how it shapes the day to day life of friends, study and play.

Every year hundreds of Youth from all across NSW pack into The Tops Conference Centre for 6 packed days. We build camp based upon community. We make sure that you have a great time, we make sure that you find friends & grow in those relationships. Most importantly we make sure that every single person on Camp gets into the Bible and unpacks God’s word. We make sure you leave Camp with a better understanding of how to live for Jesus.

Who: Year 7 (in 2015) – 23 Years Old
Date & Time: 26th Dec 3:00pm – 1st Jan 2:30pm
Location: The Tops Conference Centre, Bendena Gardens Rd, Stanwell Tops
Cost: Early Bird $385 (closes 23/11/15) Normal $450 (closes 14/12/15)

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