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Two letter words

They’re the teeth of every Scrabble-shark, and the enigma of every Scrabble-minnow. Two letter words. The exact number of them that can be legitimately used on a Scrabble board is disputed, but the latest and official number is 107. According to the latest world champion, the most essential of these little binary-blockbusters is the word ‘Qi’, which means a life-force. The most annoying of them is ‘aa’ which means a dry form of lava resembling clinkers. Ug!

When it comes to the Christian Faith, there is only one two-letter word that matters. It’s a simple word, and not as epic as those involving a J or X or Q or Z. More a backwater than a blockbuster, and often despised by the illuminati. The lowly word ‘in’, and used in the sense of describing one’s relationship with Jesus Christ. A person is either ‘in Christ’ or not. Meaning that a person has either entrusted themselves to Christ, or decided to live apart from Him.

Paul uses this language in his letters to the Romans and the Corinthians. He says that we are all ‘in Adam’, meaning not only that we are descended from him, but that we have inherited his fallen nature. But those who are ‘in Christ’ have received a new nature, and one that has a real life-force pulsing through it. And that is the essential thing. The little binary-backwater might not be a huge point-scorer in Scrabble, but it is an eternal game-changer in Life.

DM 13th April 2020


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