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Eyes in the back of my head

I can see! I can finally see! The tint film on the rear windscreen of my car had bubbled with age, and was nearly opaque and very much a driving hazard. But I was reluctant to remove it, for fear of damaging the copper wires of the demister. But I watched this hack on youtube where someone used a hairdryer to heat the film, a razor blade to nick a bubble to gain an edge to start the peel, and some eucalyptus oil to remove the residue. Voila!

What a huge joy to have my rear vision back. Driving on rainy days through heavy traffic has been such a trial, and especially when I’ve needed to change lanes; and side mirrors just never seem enough. There’s a phrase in the Book about ‘seeing through a glass darkly’, and over the last few months I’ve felt that I’ve lived the experience daily.

Admittedly there are many Bible verses which stress the importance of looking ahead. But there is a place to see the road that’s travelled, and the hand that’s smoothed the bumps, and the providence that has held us securely through the curves. In fact, in order to go forwards, we sometimes need to look backwards. Said David in one of his Psalms, “My heart within me is dismayed… [so]… I remember the days of long ago; I meditate on all your works and consider what your hands have done.”

DM 23rd July 2022


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